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Labour, Skill Development and Employment Department
Directorate of Employment & Training, Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Opp. A.P.M.C Market Yard, Bhiloda– 383245, Dist. Aravalli, Gujarat

Welcome To Government ITI Bhiloda

The Directorate General of Employment & Training, New Delhi (D.G.E.&T.) of the Ministry of Labour is to provide skilled manpower with vocational training for the various industries & service sectors. It is being conducted at different I.T.I.s including the industrial training institute, Bhiloda. In Today's Era Industrialization is developing Statewide and Nation. Industrial Training Institute & Skill Certification Center, Bhiloda. is a technical knowledge center and our aim is to provide job-oriented & knowledge-based technical skills that can give the trainee a unique identity creating an edge above others. We are dedicated to imparting globally competitive skills & soft skill training to make them achieve the best in their life.

To offer a technical courses to cater to the needs of industry and society. To mould students to be disciplined, competent, and socially responsible technicians, who will be assets to our nation's human resource pool.

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Principal Desk

ITI Principal


(I/C)Principal Class-1

It gives me great pleasure to convey this message on the official launch of a Website for this Institute. The website opens up a new window of opportunity for our trainees, both present and future, and the general public to access key information on the different aspects of this Institute, its Training Schemes and related Activities. It would help in the better understanding of our Institute and should put us on the information super highway of the World.

ITI Principal


Principal Class-2

We together at ITI Bhiloda endeavor to enhance the skills and competencies of the youth of rural regions around Bhiloda. The institute offers excellent infrastructure and has competent teaching & administrative staff to support our endeavor. We all together relentlessly work to enhance the employability of these youth of our region. This region where we are located has certain constraints, and with the support of our IMC team, we are trying to resolve them to create more comfort for our students. We all at ITI Bhiloda, under the able guidance & support of our department of Employment & Training

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Apprenticeship Schemes

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વ્યવસાયલક્ષી શિક્ષણ અને તાલીમ અપનાવો

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રોજગારી અને સ્વરોજગારીની વિપુલ તકો

રાજ્ય અને રાષ્ટ્ર સ્તર પર ઔધોગિકરણનો વધતો વ્યાપ

ઓછો આર્થિક ખર્ચ

ઓછી ટકાવારી ધરાવતા ઉમેદવારો પણ તાલીમ લઇ શકે છે

રાજ્ય અને રાષ્ટ્ર સ્તર પર કુશળ ઉમેદવારોની વધતી માંગ

કુશળ તાલીમ અને રોજગાર

ઉદ્યોગ એકમો અને આઈ.ટી.આઈ ભાગીદારી થકી Dual System of Training માં તાલીમ

ટુંકાગાળાના -સર્વિસ સેક્ટર ના વ્યવસાયો

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